sexta-feira, 19 de agosto de 2011

The chance to know more!


The world seems made ​​of just things that people see it. But there are others who do not see, although there. These are the things we read. They are hidden among the letters. You have to read so that they appear directly in our heads.

  If we do not read all these things that are saved will be lost in the books, because they do not appear to us. Who does not read, you only see one of the things in the world. And you can not know everything.

  Often in the middle of a conversation, we hear of a person or a friend knows the story of
reading. Who was not read out. Therefore, it is very important to devote a little of your time reading because it opens new pathways and stimulates the imagination.

  We know of much that is in front of us, but we can learn more Companies located in a good book, with it you can travel without leaving your chair, bed or network, every place is the place to read a book and leave bring the world of letters. With it we can meet very interesting people without having to change a city or living with it. Go to laugh and cry with stories of people who only exist in this universe called book.

  So dear blogger run to the library or bookstore Promix you and get your book!

   Good trip ...

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